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EvoWorld.io, formerly known as FlyOrDie.io, is a multiplayer survival game. You begin as a small fly and progress as you consume more food. Other players become a part of your diet as you progress. Each level adds a new special ability and more foods to eat. It's a simple choice: fly or die!
EvoWorld.io Gameplay Instructions
Eatables and animals are highlighted in green. Animals with a red outline will devour you! You'll be competing for survival against hundreds of other players, so keep moving and eating. Keep an eye on your water level as well; you'll need a lot of it to survive.
Special Skills
As you progress through the game, each animal will gain new special abilities. You can use that special ability to help you progress through the game faster. When you first start out as a fly, you will experience "beginner's luck." This gives you a 50% chance of avoiding a predator's attack. Make the most of your special abilities.
Levels of Play
There are 45 different animals and 8 stages of evolution in EvoWorld. You begin as a simple fly and progress through the animal kingdom.

After you've completed the normal animals, you'll encounter demons, mythical beasts, cosmic entities, and the undead. The grim reaper is at the top of the food chain and kills prey with a scythe.
EvoWorld.io contains a variety of biomes. Each has a completely unique landscape. Each location will have a different prey, so don't be afraid to explore the map and see what's out there.

About the Creator
Pixel Voices, a.io game developer, created EvoWorld. Pixel Voices' other popular games include llam.io and anomal.io.

WASD to move around
Left click to fly