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90% (9/10)
Description is a fantastic 3D game that features cannon fire on the seas. You begin by controlling a ship with a gun that travels around destroying other ships while being assigned to one of two teams represented by colors.

You'll need to practice steering a lot in in order to succeed. When I first started playing, the controls seemed a little strange because you have to move your cannon around the boat in order to direct it; doing so obviously alters where you shoot from, so you need to adapt before striking.

In actuality, there are elected captains for squads; these will be randomly selected and replaced if the leader dies. Teamwork is essential at sea since a captain is only as powerful as his crew. We are aware that other from the ability to place orders via conversation, there are no additional advantages.

The boat's cannon may be moved around with the WASD keys, allowing you to point it in the direction you want it to travel, and you can aim it with the mouse.

WASD to move
Left mouse button to interact


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